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Mutatio is latin for change. Mutatio is the idea of creating something bigger than ourselves.

Mutatio is not only a brand, Mutatio wants to change our way of acting. 

Mutatio shows the passion, the drive and the hard work we put into our designs, to create a streetwear style,

  which reflects our generation. For that reason, we support a non profitable organisation in Ghana

,to help educate children from conflict areas. We don't just want to represent change, we want to be the change!  
Don’t just exist, live.

-Make a Mutatio-


Our Story

Our Story



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Mutatio stands for the change we need in our world. This sustainable change can only be achieved through education. Due to this reason we united the Mutatio Clothing x Share Foundation. The Share Foundation is an NGO in Ghana. The Share Foundation is committed to provide education on the highest level possible, which include payments of academic fees, textbooks, uniforms, bursaries among others to brilliant but needy students.

The Foundation also promotes students by establishing well-equipped libraries, organised quizzes, reading and spelling competitions. They are also driven to inspire and motivate students by organising inspirational talks with well educated persons.


We three CEOs of Mutatio Clothing thrust on this amazing and trustfully NGO after a long and detailed search. We Always wanted to build something that will change peoples life's to a better. Furthermore we were always fascinated how a good education program can ensure a good future of children.

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With every product you buy, a certain amount will be donated to the Share Foundation and will help Children in need to experience a better education which can Change their whole life and further our world. With a better education the children will receive the opportunity to escape poverty and discover their true potential. With every brought product you will be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Come along with us on this journey and a child will have the opportunity to experience better education than yesterday. We believe that education should be a human right, which needs to be provided for every human being.

Donated Money from Mutatio: 550€

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